Webster Research & Consulting

Working across the public and voluntary sectors, helping you understand, plan, design, build, evaluate and train.




With carefully designed and incisive research, we help clients understand their stakeholders, and the wider environment.


We help define, plan, cost and win funding for new projects or programmes.


For new digital services or ways of working, we help define what is required and how things should work.


Let us manage your digital development project, oversee developers and manage testing and user acceptance.


Whether a project or a digital service, we can both evaluate it formally and help you and your staff reflect and learn.


We design and deliver bespoke training for your staff in new systems and ways of working.


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Latest News

Peter Webster recently contributed a chapter to a collection of essays with the title The Past Web : Exploring Web archives, published by Springer. It is entitled ‘Digital archaeology in the Web of links: reconstructing a late-1990s Web sphere’. Using an iterative computational method of interrogating the graph of links for the archived UK web,… Read More

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We were delighted to be commissioned by the University Council on Modern Languages, in conjunction with the British Academy, to produce a report on recent trends in university admissions. The study “unearthed a more vibrant languages landscape in UK higher education than recent reports of ‘crisis’ suggest.” The report was based on analysis of UCAS… Read More

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If there is one thing everyone seems to agree on about COVID-19, it is that nothing will be quite the same again. The worlds of higher education and of galleries, libraries, archives and museums have suddenly been upended. In universities, already rocked (in the UK) by the recent strike, the shift to online tuition has… Read More

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WR&C has contributed the first in a new series of Technology Watch Guidance Notes from the Digital Preservation Coalition, entitled How researchers use the archived Web.  We were very pleased to be commissioned to write this short note on the current state of the art. In a context of both novelty and diversity, the Guidance… Read More

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Peter Webster’s new book on The Edited Collection: Pasts, Present and Futures is published by Cambridge University Press. It is part of the Cambridge Elements series on Publishing and Book Culture. In the last decade and a half, a strong and negative general theory about the edited collection has taken hold in academic life; a… Read More

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WR&C was commissioned to carry out a final evaluation of this training scheme for leaders of all faith groups in the UK.  The FLTI has been running since 2019, and is provided by the Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion (part of the University of Birmingham). The project is funded by the Ministry… Read More

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