For academic libraries and archives

Do you have digital content that you want to make available to users ?  WR&C can:

  • work with your users to understand how that content should best be structured to make it useful, and what the user interface should do;
  • work with your developers to specify the requirements for a new application, and manage testing and feedback on prototype versions;
  • work with users and other stakeholders to review and evaluate existing tools and services.

We can also provide an end-to-end project management service, and communications planning for the future.


For universities

Do your researchers have digital research projects either under way or in mind ?  WR&C can:

  • work with you and your academic staff to turn an idea into a new project, articulate its aims, and compose a convincing funding application;
  • set up and manage your research project from start to finish;
  • work with your developers to specify the requirements for a new application, and manage testing and feedback on prototype versions;
  • evaluate your project while it is in progress and at its end, and help you think through the next steps.

For learned and professional societies

All the academic disciplines are being changed by the digital turn. WR&C can help learned societies in:

  • engaging with your constituency in order to understand their changing needs, hopes and concerns;
  • understanding the changing technological and policy environment in which researchers work;
  • planning, winning funding for and completing digital development projects of your own;
  • training your staff and members in new digital techniques for research.

WR&C has a particular specialism in Web archives, the arts and humanities, and in the fast-moving field of Open Access publishing.

Our full list of services

Before a project starts:

  • stakeholder analysis
  • research into, and engagement with your users
  • project design
  • assistance with funding applications

Once you get going, there’s:

  • gathering user requirements
  • user interface specification
  • user testing of prototypes
  • issue resolution and quality control
  • development and project management

And once a project closes, we can help with:

  • project evaluation
  • user skills training
  • communications planning

[Image credit: photo by ansik, via Flick Commons, CC-BY 2.0]

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