Through carefully designed and incisive research, we help our clients understand their stakeholders, and the wider environment.

Client. A global membership organisation in the library sector.
What we did. Helped the client understand the nature of its members’ operations and their expectations of their membership.
How we did it. Design, delivery and analysis of a comprehensive survey questionnaire.

Client. A learned society in the UK.
What we did. Analysed the state of an aspect of academic publishing, in order to inform government policy.
How we did it. Definition of the scope of the analysis, definition of key terms, analysis of public and closed datasets.

Client. A Christian social policy thinktank.
What we did. Examined the values and culture of a group of Christian businesses in the UK.
How we did it. Review of published literature on values-based business, review of documentation, in-depth interviews with founders and chief executives.

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We also conduct an extensive programme of independent research in two areas: on the impact of the digital on research, publishing, libraries and archives, and on the contemporary religious history of the UK.

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