WR&C contributes to new British Academy report

The British Academy have just published a new report, entitled Open Access and Book Chapters. We were delighted to be commissioned to both help define the scope of this study, and to contribute to the research and the writing.

The report is available on the British Academy site.

From the British Academy site:

Open Access and Book Chapters was commissioned by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to inform future open access policy and to underpin the decisions that UK higher education funding bodies will need to take for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) after REF 2021.

“The report defines what is meant by ‘book chapter’, examines the book chapter’s role within the research and publication profiles of different academic disciplines, and includes a quantitative analysis drawing on data about projects funded by UKRI Research Councils and on returns to REF 2014. The report finds that open access in respect of book chapters is much less developed than it is in respect of journal articles.

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